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MAY GOALS: What I want to accomplish this month..

Ayee! We made it! It’s another month to be grateful and I’m so excited to share my MAY GOALS with you, as well as a few things that I’ve been working on behind the scenes to make it super easy for you to start your online business, RIGHT NOW.

So it’s May, crazy to think of everything that’s happened so far this year, 2020 has not played no games, but I’m telling you, now more than ever it's so important for you to start your online business or influencer brand. 

To serve as a source of inspiration, as well as accountability for myself, I’m going to sharing my May goals with you! I want you to write out the goals you have for MAY and and make sure you read the entire blog because I have a HUGE announcement for my current MSB students as well as for any of you who are looking to enroll in the Millennial School of Business. 


Nothing cashes in like consistency. I’m telling you, no matter what your goal...

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