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#Storytime: Lyric Goes to The Dentist

lyric motherhood storytime Feb 21, 2020

Finally, we made it back to the dentist after me going back and forth getting Lyric’s appointment rescheduled. I honestly, had been dreading this appointment because lately Sederek and my mom have been giving Lyric so much candy.. and I said that if she had a cavity it was going to be on them... side eye.

Anyways, I absolutely love going to the dentist with Lyric. Their office is so cute and friendly and the perfect environment for kids. Lyric's been so excited about going see the dentist all week.

She kept telling me, “Mommy, I’m not scared.”

The cutest thing ever. 

We made it to the dentist office and Lyric fell in love with the environment and the atmosphere. I was able to snap this cute photo of her when we got there:

 Sidenote: I picked up this cute jacket from Wal-Mart chile! Too cute.

So we went to the back and they had the cutest setup for her to get her x-rays: 

Overall she had a really great experience at the dentist.

And unfortunately, yes, she had one small cavity in her upper right molar. Thankfully its towards the front and not in between the teeth so its a quick and easy filling. So we’re going back on Tuesday to get it filled.

I honestly had to deal with #momguilt because I felt like I should have done a better job making sure she was brushing and flossing properly. 

But hey, I guess that’s what this whole #momlife journey is all about. I wanna be transparent with you guys and encourage you that it’s ok. Even as I type this, I’m still halfway dealing with it. Idk. I guess it’s that small feeling of failure. Any of your kids have cavities before?

Write me at [email protected] 

I need reassurance!! lol

- Erica :))



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